Texts of the Tomb

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Tomb guide
Numbering every wall for identification​.

Passage D

Wall D2

(1) Dd mdw in nt wrt
      mwt nTr
            nbt pt Hnwt ˹nTrw˺ nbw
ii.n(.i) xri.t

      Hmt nswt (2) wrt nbt tAwy
            Hnwt [Smaw] mHw
                  nfrt-iry-mrt-n-mwt mAa(t)-xrw
               xr wsir xnty imntt
(3) di.n(.i) n(.T) ˹st˺

      [m]-xnt{y} igrt
iw.T xa.Ti (4) m pt mi ra
(5) sA anx Dd wAs <nb> HA.s mi ra <Dt>

(1) Words spoken by the Great Neith, the God’s Mother, Lady of Heaven, Mistress of all gods, when the Great King’s Wife, (2) Lady of the Two Lands, Mistress of Upper and Lower Egypt, Nofretari-Mery-en-Mut, justified with Osiris, who resides in the West, has come to me: (4) ‘I give to (thee) a place which is in Iu-geret; may you appear in heaven like Re. ”

(5) Protection and life, stability and dominion, her guarding like  Re.

© Nofretari: Eine Dokumentation der Wandgemälde
ihres Grabes,

Gertrud Thausing, Hans Goedicke
Verlagsanstalt, Graz, 1971

Transliteration: Olga Ermakova, Andrey Plaksin