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John K. McDonald

Los Angeles, 1996 (read online)

House of Eternity:
The Tomb of Nefertari

Robert Steven Bianchi and

John K. McDonald

Santa Monica, Calif., 1992. A catalogue published on the occasion of an exhibition at the J. Paul Getty Museum, Malibu, November 12, 1992-February 21, 1993

In the Tomb of Nefertari:

Conservation of the Wall Paintings

Oxford University Press, 1987

Wall Paintings of the Tomb of Nefertari:

Scientific Studies for their Conservation

Fondazione Memmo

The Getty Conservation Institute
Leonardo Arte s.r.l, Italiy 1994

Nefertari: Luce d'Egitto

Edmund Dondelinger, VerlagsanstaltGraz 1973

Der Jenseitsweg der Nofretari

Nasr Mohamed, Mario Tosi
Bonechi, Italy, 2004

Гробница Нефертари

Revista online gratuita.


No16 -  Julio de 2019

Egiptologia 2.0

Miguel Angel Corzo and

Mahasti Afshar

Los Angeles, 1993 (read online)

Art and Eternity:
The Nefertari Wall Paintings Conservation Project, 1986-1992

Gertrud Thausing,

Hans Goedicke

Verlagsanstalt, Graz, 1971

Nofretari: Eine Dokumentation der Wandgemälde ihres Grabes

Christian Leblanc 

Paris, Editions du Rocher, 1999


Colin Campbell
London, 1909

Two Theban queens: Nefert-ari and Ty-ti, and their tomba

SpainSeptember 2006

National geographic history magazine no. 31

Roberta Angeletti

British Museum Press, 1998

A journey through time
Nefertari princess of Egypt

Christian Leblanc, Alberto Siliotti,

Guinti Gruppo Editoriale, Firenze, 2002

e la valle delle Regine 

Heike C Schmidt,

Joachim Willeitner 

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Ramses' II

Museo Arqueológico Nacional

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La tumba de Nefertari

Издательство Государственного Эрмитажа, Санкт-Петербург, 2017

Нефертари и долина цариц

François Tonic,

France 2018

Pharaon Les cahiers de Pharaon Magazine no. 2

La tumba de Nefertari

Beaux Arts & Cie Press

Montreal, 2008

Queens of Egypt

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