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Kansas City, USA

Nelson-Atkins Museum

Queen Nefertari: Eternal Egypt

November 15, 2019  /  March 29, 2020

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Washington DC, USA

National Geographic

Queens of Egypt

March 1, 2019  /  September 15, 2019

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I wanted to say thanks to the National Geographic Museum and Museo Egizio, Torino. Dear Kathryn Keane, Fred Heibert, Catherine Clark, Lauren Ippolito, Christian Greco, and Kara Cooney. Thank you very much. I’m grateful you have found my project interesting and useful for your amazing Queens of Egypt exhibition. I was happy to meet you in person and to spend two perfect days with you.

And thank you very much for inviting me to the exhibition opening. I also wanted to thank the whole project team who supported me with some paintings and photo credits. Also, many thanks to the donators for your involvement.

Montréal, Canada

Queens of Egypt

April 10, 2018  /  November 4, 2018

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Saint Petersburg, Russia


Нефертари и
Долина цариц

June 16, 2017  /  January 10, 2018

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