Dallas, USA

Kimbell Art Museum 

Queen Nefertari's Egypt

December 6, 2020  /  March 14, 2021

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Kansas City, USA

Nelson-Atkins Museum

Queen Nefertari: Eternal Egypt

November 15, 2019  /  March 29, 2020

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Washington DC, USA

National Geographic

Queens of Egypt

March 1, 2019  /  September 15, 2019

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I wanted to say thanks to the National Geographic Museum and Museo Egizio, Torino. Dear Kathryn Keane, Fred Heibert, Catherine Clark, Lauren Ippolito, Christian Greco, and Kara Cooney. Thank you very much. I’m grateful you have found my project interesting and useful for your amazing Queens of Egypt exhibition. I was happy to meet you in person and to spend two perfect days with you.

And thank you very much for inviting me to the exhibition opening. I also wanted to thank the whole project team who supported me with some paintings and photo credits. Also, many thanks to the donators for your involvement.

Montréal, Canada

Queens of Egypt

April 10, 2018  /  November 4, 2018

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Saint Petersburg, Russia


Нефертари и
Долина цариц

June 16, 2017  /  January 10, 2018

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Leiden, Netherlands 

Queens of the Nile

November 18, 2016  /  April 17, 2017

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Palazzo Ruspoli, Roma

Luce d'Egitto

October 6, 1994 / February 19, 1995

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Madrid, Spain


February 27, 1978


Paris, France

La Reconstitution photographique
de la tombe

de Nefertari



Ancient Egyptian tomb: CG Reconstruction and Visualization in 3ds Max

On November 17th I’ve presented the story of my 3D reconstruction project of Queen Nefertari’s tomb for Autodesk University 2020 digital.    Link

November 17, 2020 Worldwide
Nefertari's tomb in 3D: Story of the project

On October 25th I’ve presented the story of my 3D reconstruction project of Queen Nefertari’s tomb. It wasn’t just a story, it was a whole show on the 3D screen (37 meters diameter, a 12-story building). That was truly spectacular – 360 videos on the giant full-dome screen. To be honest, I’ve even envied all those people who came to listen and to see this project in such a magnificent format.

Once again I was reassured that accidents are not accidental. This past summer, in August, I was invited to the scientific festival called the Science Fest, by Autodesk Inc. to give a presentation on the project and technologies, because for my 3D reconstruction I’ve been using Autodesk 3ds Max (and Adobe Photoshop too). The purpose was to tell about design technology from an unusual angle, so to speak, using a unique project as an example. My one-hour speech on August 17th was a great success. About 50 people came, and that was a lot for a small room where I was talking about technologies and history, their connection and interaction. At some point, I had this fleeting thought in my mind: Ah, if only I could tell all this in a large domed hall.

The organizers of the event liked my topic, and they – specifically, Anna (thank you so much! It was quite unexpected!:)) invited me to present a big story in a huge hall. As a result, the story grew into a one-and-a-half report visualized in the dome of Planetarium One in St. Petersburgh. It’s truly a feast for your eyes, a spectacle that cannot be described in words or captured on a photo. The whole experience is a wow-effect, according to the audience (which was more than 100 people).
In the end I gave a little motivational speech for which I received some special thanks. Yeah, as they say, ‘Let others praise you, not yourself’, but I’ve heard a lot of kind words that made me proud.          

Once again, infinite thanks to everyone, for being a part of that evening, for making it possible! Thank you for your interest in this topic and in this little hobby of mine.

October 25, 2019 Planetarium 1, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Nefertari's tomb in 3D: Technologies of the Future
August 18, 2019 Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Nefertari's tomb in 3D: Story of the project