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The Tomb of Nefertari - Interactive Tour Demo - Project 7th Anniversary

I look to the future because technological progress is only gaining momentum, regardless of what is happening in the world. I can combine modern technologies, computing power, all my research and experience in Egyptology into a single whole, and get, as it seems to me, an interesting and unusual result. Create a virtual tour and time travel. Go to Ancient Egypt and, using the example of the tomb of Nefertari, see the origins of our world civilization, read history, understand architecture, and imbue the art of our distant ancestors. In a virtual tour, you can see not only what has come down to our days, but also see the reconstruction, read the texts, and try to understand the worldview of the ancient Egyptians. Find references to our modern worldview, draw parallels, and most importantly, understand yourself.

However, as always, there are nuances and a number of limitations:

All English-language texts are translated from Russian by machine translation, in other words, by Google translate (forgive me, but I don’t have enough for everything).

Most importantly, I am not a programmer, I learned all the skills of "node coding" from videos from various YouTube channels. Some features of the virtual tour may not work correctly. This virtual tour, or rather even a technical demonstration, is under development. So far, this is only a “lifting of the curtain” and a “look with one eye”. I don't know how to do any optimizations yet, so for comfortable viewing you will need a powerful computer or laptop with an NVIDIA RTX series graphics card. For at least some slight optimization, I reduced the quality of the textures from 8192 to 2048 pixels. I deliberately limited this demo tour to a couple of rooms and a few items, on the one hand for technical optimization (less textures), on the other - a huge amount of information that is not yet fully developed. I hope I didn't disappoint you too much.

What's next…?

I am very optimistic about the future development of this project, otherwise there is no way! Ideally, I want to make a tomb in a full-fledged virtual reality. So that you, wearing glasses or a VR helmet, become a real researcher, with a virtual assistant, you yourself can understand the very idea of ​​building a tomb, its texts and images, find answers and understand everything that I wrote about at the very beginning, understand yourself through the prism of ancient architectural monument.

I would very much like many of you to be able to see and walk in the demonstration virtual house of eternity of Queen Nefertari. I will be very grateful for any bug reports you encounter and, most importantly, your wishes and suggestions for improving the virtual tour. I would be grateful for comments by email

Important information

I would like to warn you that this project (tomb reconstruction and Egyptological research) is the first attempt at reconstructing and translating Egyptian tomb texts. Some aspects, both artistic and philological, are based on similar materials and a limited number of examples. I and the project participants are very clearly aware that a number of problems can be the subject of discussion, that some points are controversial, and some aspects may be underdeveloped. However, we hope that this will become an incentive for further research, which, in our opinion, is the main essence of any undertaking.

The project is still under development! Both students, amateurs, and professional Egyptologists and linguists take part in it, which makes the reconstruction of the program of the tomb paintings and hieroglyphic texts scientifically sound.

Also, all concerned independent researchers and people simply passionate about Ancient Egypt from a wide variety of professional fields, from lawyers to power engineers, from IT specialists to managers, from logistics specialists to digital artists, take part in the project. Over the years, many different people have come and left the project, leaving their spark, their knowledge and skills that they wanted and shared, thank you very much for your interest and contribution to the development of the project. I want to express special gratitude to my friends and associates who supported the project and me personally, in all ups and downs, in search and research, translations, writing and editing texts. Thank you for your interest and inspiration, and for continuing to do so, none of this would have been possible without you.

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