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Conservation of the wall paintings of the tomb of Nefertari

"...The basic premise of our conservation philosophy at the GCI is that cultural property warrants preservation not only because of its intrinsic value as art – a source of aesthetic expression and experience – but also because of its extrinsic value as a document encoding data about human history and civilization. Cultural property is a record of our human condition on both a spiritual and a material plane. To decipher it is to know our past. To preserve it is to pass that knowledge on to future generations..."

Miguel Angel Corzo Director The Getty Conservation Institute; In the Tomb of Nefertari: Conservation of the Wall Paintings; Robert Steven Bianchi and John K. McDonald Santa Monica, Calif., 1992. A catalogue published on the occasion of an exhibition at the J. Paul Getty Museum, Malibu, November 12, 1992-February 21, 1993

Project members 1986-1992

Executive Body

Mohamed Ibrahim Bakr  Chairman Egyptian Antiquities Organization; Miguel Angel Corzo Director The Getty Conservation Institute; The Late Ahmed Kadry Former Chairman Egyptian Antiquities Organization; Luis Monreal Former Director The Getty Conservation Institute;  Gamal Moukhtar Former Chairman Egyptian Antiquities Organization; The Late Sayed Tawfik Former Chairman Egyptian Antiquities Organization;


Conservation team

Paolo Mora, Laura Sbordoni Mora, Abd el-Rady Abd el-Moniem, Abd el-Nasser Ahmed, Giorgio Capriotti, Luigi de Cesaris, Lorenza D'Alessandro, Adamo Franco, Giuseppe Giordano, Ahmed-Ali Hussein, Lutfi Khaled, Adriano Luzi, Gamal Mahgoub, Hussein Mohamed-Ali, Paolo Pastorello, Stephen Rickerby, Sayed A_ el-Shahat, Christina Vazio


Scientific team

Farrag Abd el·Mouttaleb, Nabil Abd el·Samia, Neville Agnew, Mokhtar S. Ammar, Hideo Arai, Omar el-Arini, Motawe Balbouch, Kamal Barakat, Farouk el-Baz, Asmaa A. el-Deeb, Eric Doehne, Michelle Derrick, Feisal A.H. Esmael, Gaballa A. Gaballa, Essam H. Ghanem, H. A. Hamroush, B. Issawi, Po-Ming Lin, Shin Maekawa, Modesto Montoto, Shawki Nakhla, Antoni Palet, Eduardo Porta, Frank Preusser, Saleh A. Saleh, Michael Schilling, Wafa Seddia

Photographer Guillermo Aldana; Research: Art And History Mahasti Afshar; Administration And Management Ahmed Abd El-Rady, Salah Bayoumy Basyoz, Sayed Hegazy, Mary Helmy, Romany Helmy, Talat Mohrem, Mohamed Nasr, Eduardo Porta, Mahmoud Sadeq, Laura Sanders, Inee Yang Slaughter, Mohamed El-Sougayar; Ferryman Farouk Fawey El-Daewy

Art and Eternity:The Nefertari Wall Paintings Conservation Project, 1986-1992

Miguel Angel Corzo and Mahasti Afshar, Editors, 1993 

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